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Future Homeowners

Future Homeowners

Loveland Habitat for Humanity builds 6 homes a year for families in need of a decent, affordable home. Our future homeowners are in the process of putting in their sweat equity, taking educational and financial courses, and preparing to receive the keys to their own home. Here are some of the stories of the individuals and families currently in the process:


Future Homeowners – Kristin and Kyle


Kristin and Kyle are the parents of two children. Kyle has been employed at DirecTV for the last 7 years and Kristin works as an early childhood group leader at Immanuel Lutheran School. Kristin and Kyle are currently living with Kristin’s parents. Though they are blessed to have their support, they’re looking forward to having a place of their own. Learning what actually goes into building a house has been something Kristin and Kyle have gotten to experience during this process. It has been a wonderful experience for them both.

“We have been waiting so long for this dream to come true. My kids will have their own space and we will have our own space. It will be ours.”




Future Homeowner – Evvie

Evvie has been working at an orthopedic spine surgery center for over 2 years. She lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with her teenage daughter and her elderly mother and pays high rent. As she’s working through her sweat equity, Evvie learned how to use power tools, paint, and level out floors. She has enjoyed working with the volunteers who come out and dedicate their time to building Habitat homes. Evvie is looking forward to having more space and privacy in her own home.

“I am building because my family and I are worth it and deserve to be happy, healthy, and have a home to call our own.”





Future Homeowners – Denise and Jeremiah

Denise and Jeremiah are parents to three active children. Their family of five lives in a cramped apartment with loud neighbors and a

mold problem. Denise is a woodworker at a custom cabinetry business in Loveland and loves working with her hands. Jeremiah works in the autobody industry.

“Knowing that I will be living in a community of people who have similar goals and experiences as mine is so awesome. And knowing that my neighbors have the same send of pride in their home like I will.

Denise is most looking forward to walking in the door of their new home and looking around at something they built for their family.

“My kids and I have a little tree that we got shortly after we learned we were accepted into the program. Weekly, we water it and keep it alive until we can plant it in our yard. It’s a reminder of things to come”


Future Homeowners – Ashley & Parris

Ashley and Parris are two very hardworking parents trying to provide a safe, decent home for their three children. Ashley and Parris both are employed at Walmart.

During their sweat equity and education, they loved learning new things about their future home and enjoyed learning how to fix things during their home maintenance course.

“Having a house was our main goal as a family, to have a place to call home. Being in the Habitat program gave us hope that there are things out there that can help us get to our goal in life.”