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Women Build – May 2021

Now you can support Women Build without swinging a hammer, just click your mouse!

Women Build is a 2-week event that engages women throughout the community to help build Habitat homes in Loveland.

58% of low-income families in Larimer County pay more than 50% of their income on housing and are considered severely cost burdened. The majority of these are single moms who work hard, but are still unable to afford a decent home to raise their family.

Women Build inspires women to be proactive and help the women and families in their community.

This year, Women Build is not just on the construction site. We’re taking to the virtual world (COVID-19 inspired) to spread the women build message, advocate for affordable housing, and raise funds for our mission of providing families the opportunity to own their own home.

Now you can get involved without setting foot on the construction site!

Here’s how: Start your own fundraising page and ask your friends, family, and professional networks to support Loveland Habitat Women Build by donating through your page. This is similar to asking someone to donate a specific dollar amount for every mile you walk in a walk-a-thon or if you have Facebook, this is similar to the birthday fundraiser you see all over your newsfeed.

By signing up and fundraising, you are helping us make a difference in the Loveland community. We will provide you with a toolkit that has everything from sample social media posts to the answers to the questions you might have. Our simple fundraising page takes you step by step to start your own page AND is secure for those who want to donate online. Best of all, we’re here for any question or if you need a demo.

Just like you create teams out on the construction site, you can be a part of a team online! Find your team or create one to have friends or colleagues sign up to fundraise with you. Don’t want to be part of a team or don’t want to start one? That’s fine – set up an individual fundraising page and help spread our mission.

Sign up, set a goal, and strengthen our community.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Tori at tori@lovelandhabitat.org or 970-669-9769.

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