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September Volunteer Spotlight: Ephraim Mammo

Meet Ephraim Mammo, he is the Senior Materials Engineer for Otter Products by trade and a Habitat Team Captain by passion. Over the years, Ephraim has organized over 10 build days at Loveland Habitat for Humanity. Otter Products employees get 24 paid hours of volunteer time and he pulls his coworkers together to help build homes for hard-working folks. Ephraim says that being a Team Captain can be challenging but he prides himself in always being able to bring a full team to the construction site. His words of advice are to always have extra volunteers on stand-by. However, being a Team Captain also had its benefits, he loves when his fellow employees tell him what a great time they had volunteering with Loveland Habitat and knowing he had a part in bringing everyone together to make a difference in the community.

Ephraim first started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in 1997 in Austin, Texas. However, he became involved with Loveland Habitat and Fort Collins Habitat in 2015. His favorite part about volunteering with Loveland Habitat for Humanity is working with the homeowners. Ephraim has been through the struggles of starting out and not being able to afford a decent place and he “sees himself in them” (the homeowners). He knows that a house is more than a home. He says that “a home attaches you to the land and to the community.” Ephraim and Otter Products employees have been amazing help this summer volunteering on most of our landscaping days and he says enjoys them. Ephraim reflects on this and says that volunteering and getting your hands in the soil helps him build a personal sense of community. One of his least favorite jobs on the construction site is climbing ladders and heights, but he was up to the challenge and conquered his fear to help build a home. Ephraim says one thing he will never forget is when Gene, our construction site supervisor, taught him how to make a lasso with the hose and still thinks of that memory fondly. When he is not being a Habitat hero, Ephraim enjoys running, hiking, and reading.

Ephraim, we can’t share our appreciation enough for being a Team Captain. Volunteers help us keep our construction schedule and allow us to build more homes. From all of us at Loveland Habitat, Thank you!