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November Volunteer Spotlight: Anthony Solla

November’s volunteer spotlight is Anthony Solla. Anthony is a paramedic at Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services.

Anthony followed in the footsteps of his aunt and uncle who both spend a lot of time volunteering every year. To him, Habitat has seemed like a fun way to help and something that would be appealing for others to come join him. He recruited a team of other emergency medical services personnel to come and volunteer at the construction site with him.

“I set up two days for front-line workers I work with because, while we are doing our part in helping others, we all are more than our chosen professions. These opportunities allow us to help beyond the job and really invest in the future of our community.”

During his time volunteering, he really caught a glimpse into what it takes to build a house and how these homes can benefit others. Anthony believes that if you have the ability to give in any way, then you should! Not only does giving back help others, but it helps create a sense of accomplishment, pride, and a desire to do more! “I think it is important to help your fellow humans in need because that person in need could be one of us some day and we sure would love the help if it were.”

Thank you Anthony for volunteering with us out at the construction site and for all your work in the community. You’re really making a difference!