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More good news about the Cars for Homes program!

For the past four months, Habitat has been receiving an average of 400 vehicles a week! This translates to the total distributed to date in fiscal year 20201 to $2,972,637.89. Colorado affiliates are well past the half-million dollar milestone at $616,143.64 in revenue from Cars for Homes.

Loveland Habitat is in the Top 10 list of intermediate affiliates! Life-to-date, Loveland Habitat is well on the way to the $50,000 milestone in revenue from Cars for Homes.

We have reached this milestone because of our amazing community members who think of us when needing to recycle an old vehicle.

Cars for Homes uses donated cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other vehicles to help raise funds for local Habitats to build homes. The donated vehicles are either sold on behalf of Habitat to licensed dealers or are transported to auto salvage yards where it’s pieces can be sold and the rest is recycled. 

Interested in our Cars for Homes program, visit www.lovelandhabitat.org/donate-your-car