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Cars for Homes Program

The Loveland Habitat for Humanity ReStore was once known for selling cars – at the very store you shop at to buy clothing, furniture, or housewares. This all changed in 2017 when it was decided to align with the Cars for Homes Program that is managed by Habitat for Humanity International.
This past year, Loveland Habitat for Humanity was ranked #3 in the nation for the most Cars for Homes donations among intermediate size Habitats. They are also the only Colorado Habitat for Humanity in the top 25 of all Habitat for Humanities nationwide. This is all because of the Loveland community and their willingness to support Loveland Habitat.
The Cars for Homes program uses donated cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, and other vehicles to help raise funds for local Habitats to build homes. The donated vehicles are either sold on behalf of Habitat to licensed dealers or are transported to auto salvage yards where it’s pieces can be sold and the rest is recycled.
This program makes donating your old, unused vehicle easy, ecofriendly, and beneficial for Loveland Habitat for Humanity.
“Donating a car to Habitat for Humanity was simple and powerful. An online form and some coordinating paperwork, then a tow truck came to my house and the car was gone. There was no muss, no fuss, and the donation helps Habitat as they work to build affordable housing,” says Mark Waite who donated his vehicle through the Cars for Homes program to benefit Loveland Habitat for Humanity.
To donate your vehicle or find out more information, visit