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Donate Your Car and Help Build Homes

Cars for Homes is now available at Loveland Habitat. If you have a car that you're tired of and just want to donate it for the tax write-off, donate it to Habitat. It's 1-877-277-4344 or go to They'll take care of all the paperwork and pick-up is free..and 100% of funds that Habitat earns from reselling or recycling your donation will help build homes in Loveland.

All net proceeds from the sale of your car donation provides strength, stability and self-reliance for families across the United States.

Why should I donate my vehicle?

1. 100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle will be used by your local Habitat for Humanity to build and repair affordable homes.
2. You may qualify for a tax deduction for donating a vehicle.
3. It’s fast and easy.
4. 30 percent of cars donated to Habitat are recycled for materials or sold for reusable parts.
5. Recycling steel uses less energy and natural resources and produces less carbon pollution.
6. Taking an inefficient older car off the road helps save gas and improves air quality.
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We're grateful for your support!

My kids and I have become closer through this process...we're a stronger family for it.

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